Relationship Advice

How to Have The Best Sex of Your Life

There was a moment when he opened back up again and his sex flooded into my body like molten electric liquid, filling me up slowly, lighting up my cells, causing me to almost weep with gratitude for the enlivening sensation of his touch, for the shutting down of my brain and the complete take-over of my body. Like a fish being returned to the sea after having been caught on dry land, everything realigned and made sense again. This is who I am inside of my sex. All of me is able to come out and my body is revealed …

Stop the Ending of Your Relationship

People do not just stop ‘being in love’, or ‘fall out of love’ as if they were changing channels on the television. Loving emotions cannot be turned off like that. Love is a deep, lasting emotion that can withstand betrayal, hurt, anger, fear, and confusion.

Unfortunately, love can also be denied, subdued, or buried so deep in our psyche that it is unfelt and unacknowledged. But it is still there and it CAN resurface again…if you know the correct methods needed in order to resurrect this love.